Wouldn’t it be romantic to have a forbidden love?

Wouldn’t it be romantic to have a forbidden love?

King Pedro and Ines de Castro?

Now it was kind of a rule, if you are a Capulet Girl you couldn’t even think about getting involved with a Montague Boy and vice versa.

“Oh! C’mon!” Celine exclaimed, jumping out of your bed, now she was standing next to you with her hands on her hips “You love books! ”

“Ah yes” You said sarcastically “Because that worked out so well for characters in literature and history right? Romeo and Juliet? Dead! Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta? Dead! Do I need to give you more examples?”

“Wait he what?” You took a breath to tell your friend about one of your favorite tragic love stories, but she suddenly turned around looking at the window looking at the raindrops and in that moment you thought about how it was a night like that, Victor created his creature “Alright, but I will tell you something” She took a deep breath, laying down on her bed and said one last thing before blowing your candles “Sometimes dying because of love isn’t the worst way to go”

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