50 colors from the Sims – a listing of freaky Mods

50 colors from the Sims – a listing of freaky Mods

Handling the very best quality of entertainment, we searched cyberspace (since there’s significantly more than the sinful Whims) so your Sims 4 come to be more oily. And perhaps often a small bit freaky.

Basemental Mods

Basemental Mods is actually a few three mods which make some changes towards video game. From various additions on home furniture as well as the benefits store, through alcohol, smokes, and medication, to organized crime and gangs (if you have The Sims 4: reach Work extension).

There’s a disclaimer from creators within this mod:

Basementalis by no means advertising, stimulating or glorifying using pills in true to life. The severe realities and drawbacks of prolonged drug need is an integral function of mod.

So, with all you arrive here, you are able to count on fact. Most likely, it really is a life simulation.

Basemental Pills

Issue associated with presence of cigars in games has already turned symbolic of the operation. This example always pops up when anyone talk about the designers’ conclusion about softening the content inside online game. The best proof on hypocrisy: no to alcohol, zero to cigarette, but indeed to violence. Actually that correct? When you look at the Sims, without a doubt, too, there are not any cigarettes. Alcohol based drinks include limited by drinks which do not impact the attitude regarding the Sim. “50 colors from the Sims – a listing of freaky Mods” の続きを読む