Meeting with James Keen; a new, seriously modified, eunuch

Meeting with James Keen; a new, seriously modified, eunuch

I initially spoken to James in the past. At the time he was a finding answers to questions about hefty mods. To tell the truth, i did not get him as well seriously. We foolishly lumped him in with various other youthful modders that seemed to be a lot more in to the fantasy of getting heavier mods as compared to real life of using this method. Actually, I clearly bear in mind some pic modifying of mods onto a photo of their face at some point which managed to make it truly seem just as if it actually was all-just dream for your.

Then he pierced my personal brow at a 16 measure

However, as ages passed, it became clear he had been totally major with his desires in which he begun to have the mods he previously previously talked with me about.

In the past, he interviewed me when it comes down to now defunct youngmodders. Now it’s about time in my situation to show the tables and interview him. So without more ado, we provide a discussion because of the now 26-year-old James Keen.

James: Funny thing the way it all going, I experienced desire for things like castration and face tattooing at an early age BUT what got myself going was me and my buddies sitting around hearing the musical be2 canada organization Korn. This is when they launched the record Life Is Peachy I do believe. We were sitting around listening to Korn for hours and that I watched my good friend’s poster with the contribute artist and noticed he’d 3 brow rings. “Meeting with James Keen; a new, seriously modified, eunuch” の続きを読む